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Sentez Medical and Orthopedy is serving its customers by production and sales of medical equipments since year of 2000. Our sales policy and basic principles are to serve the best quality for best prices to final consumer. We are proud to be selling our foot health products and orthopedic pillows which we produce to many diffrent sales points in Turkey and foreign countries. The quality of our products are our first priority. It's impossible for us to make a consession about this subject.

We are serving our customers at the sales office in Kadıköy and our secure e-commerce web site. This web site that you are already visiting is a secure web site where you can shop by your credit card. Our r&d process is always going on to enlarge our product range. We will be happy to present you the products in our sales office and web site when they are ready. You can contact with us for your comments and offers about the products from the contacts page or by writing to

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